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Hoichoi.tv/activate is the official website that helps the users to do the activation of Hoichoi. With Hoichoi Subscription you can watch different movies, shows, and much other content on Hoichoi Tv. We are also going to show you details about the Hoichoi Tv, Hoichoi App, Hoichoi Subscription, and Hoichoi Available In how many countries. Among the things you’ll learn is more about how the activation process works.. We will explain how many different devices can support the Hoichoi Tv, The devices as Samsung TV, Mi TV, LG TV, and others.

hoichoi.tv activate

When was Hoichoi Launched? – It was launched in 2017 the month of September. Earlier it was only relevant for limited shows and documentaries like Bengali Movies and Documentaries. But slowly it started web series and different other films to appeal to the region. You are allowed to steam different podcasts and music as well. Hoichoi Subscription Plan will let you choose the perfect programs that you want.

This article will teach about the www hoichoi tv login and the use of the Hoichoi.tv/activate an option to download and activate Hoichoi on a variety of streaming devices.

How to Create a HoiChoi Account?

  • Browse hoichoi.tv using any search engine you like with any browser.
  • On the right upper side, hit log-in option.
  • Choose Sign Up.
  • Fill in all of the needed documentation.
  • Should choose a subscription plan that you wish to access.
  • Check your information.
  • You will then be able to access your account.

How do I change my HoiChoi Password for your account?

  • Before doing anything else, click on the – hoichoi.tv login
  • Now please search for the Menu
  • You will see the setting so please click on it.
  • Password changes are now required.

Activate Hoichoi on Amazon Fire TV?

activate hoichoi on amazon firetv

By visiting Hoichoi.tv/activate, we demonstrated how to utilize Hoichoi.

  • Start Amazon Fire TV and browse for the Hoichoi App
  • Install or download the Hoichoi App, then start it on your smartphone.
  • You’ll be sent to the following screen, where you’ll decide on the option to activate the device.
  • Begin with a new device, such as a laptop or smartphone, and navigate to Hoichoi.tv/activate using any browser.
  • Put in a contact number if you’d want to reset your password otherwise (if requested).
  • In the specific field, enter above that www hoichoi tv activate
  • Then on the hoichoi.tv/activate, click on the option to activate.
  • Hoichoi entertainment is now available on Amazon Fire TV.

Activate Hoichoi on Roku using Hoichoi.tv/activate?

activate hoichoi on roku

We illustrated how to use Hoichoi by going to Hoichoi.tv/activate.

  • The “Hoichoi” app may be found on the Roku Channel store.
  • Install or download the Hoichoi App, then start it on your smartphone.
  • My Hoichoi may be accessed by clicking on the tab.
  • You must choose the activate device option.
  • An activation code will emerge on the TV screen in a few seconds.
  • On another device, just click on the hoichoi.tv/activate the link.
  • Then, in the following form, enter the www.hoichoi.tv code you were given. To make the code appear in the desired location, simply paste it there.
  • To activate, click the button.
  • You could now watch Hoichoi’s whole series on the Roku gadget.

Activate Hoichoi on Apple TV?

activate hoichoi on apple tv

We demonstrated how to activate Hoichoi by visiting Hoichoi.tv/activate.

  • Browse to the Apps Store from the main screen and seek the “Hoichoi” app.
  • Choose the Hoichoi app, activate it, and open it on your smartphone.
  • You must then pick the item to activate on the next step
  • It generates a unique code that is digital for devices.
  • Try Hoichoi.tv/activate on a different device and click on Hoichoi tv login to sign in.
  • Fill up the appropriate field using the personal code.
  • After you’ve inserted your activation code, tap the activate button.
  • Hoichoi is already fully compatible with TV and now you can watch Hoichoi Tv Shows. 

Activate Hoichoi on Android TV?

activate hoichoi on android tv

We’ve shown you how to activate Hoichoi by going to Hoichoi.tv/activate.

  • The Hoichoi App may be found on the Google Play Store..
  • To finish the installation is complete, click the “Install” button.
  • You may now use your Hoichoi app after it has been installed.
  • Choose the My Hoichoi option.
  • Selecting the “activate device” button will establish a device identification number.
  • Connect to another device before visiting tv/activate in any web browser.
  • It will request a one-of-a-kind code from you.
  • Enter a one-of-a-kind code in the relevant area and then click the activate button.
  • This all means you can still use Hoichoi on your Android TV.

Activate Hoichoi on Smart TV using Hoichoi.tv/activate?

activate hoichoi on smart tv

We have explained how to activate Hoichoi using Hoichoi.tv/activate.

  • Use your Smart TV’s app store to find new apps.
  • Grab the “Hoichoi” app on your smartphone by looking for it.
  • Hoichoi TV Login may be accessed by launching the Hoichoi app and selecting My Hoichoi Choice.
  • When you select the activate device menu, the activation number for the device you’re using will be generated.
  • Go to Hoichoi.tv/activate on a different device.
  • Enter your activation code in the box below and click the activate button to proceed.
  • Your Smart TV will then be able to access the Hoichoi app and all of your favourite content.

Hoichoi Data Packs

Users will get access to Hoichoi’s top products with a dedicated streaming volume if you purchase your desired plan!

This Hoichoi universe is now more easily accessible thanks to our Hoichoi Data Packs! Data Packs from Hoichoi!

  • Pack – 512 MB for 3 Days  – TK 13
  • Pack – 512 MB for 7 Days – TK 28
  • Pack – 1 GB for 30 Days – TK 48

How to Download Hoichoi TV?

Installing and downloading an Android emulator on your PC is the first step.

  • Visit the Downloads area on your computer or any other spot where you save downloaded files.
  • Click on the emulator you’ve chosen after it’s been selected.
  • Within a few seconds, the setup will begin.
  • Take your EULA License agreement and follow the on-screen instructions to activate your EULA.
  • After installation, use the Emulator app and search for Hoichoi TV in the search field.
  • Then, by clicking the Find option, you will be able to locate your preferred app.
  • So you’ll be able to pinpoint your preferred app.
  • You’ll be able to see the Hoichoi software programs if you use an emulator.
  • After you click the connect button, the project will start to load.
  • In the “All Apps” menu, browse to “All Apps.”

How to Get Hoichoi TV Free Subscription?

No matter what you want, you won’t be able to get anything without a Hoichoi premium account. However, Vodafone Play, Airtel TV, and the Idea Movies & TV app all provide free access to the movie. You may also view a portion of Hoichoi’s movies and television shows for free.

  • The very first step is to go to Hoichoi’s main site, which is www.hoichoi.tv
  • On the official platform’s homepage, look for the “Movies” section and then click on the “Free Movies” area.
  • After that, go to Hoichoi.tv/activate and choose the movie you want to view, next click the button. You may still watch free movies online.

NOTE: Because all accounts are operational when they are uploaded, do not change passwords. If your accounts aren’t working, please post a remark and I’ll update the list.

What is Hoichoi?

Hoichoi is a well-known service for streaming video that concentrates on original Bengali films, dramas, and music.

What kind of movies and TV shows can I catch up on Hoichoi?

Hoichoi features a wide variety of films and serials starring some of the world’s best-known actors, as well as Hoichoi-produced serials, films, and series.

What is the Greemenphone Hoichoi Pack?

Every month and every week, Grameenphone’s Hoichoi Pack is offered. Purchasing the package offers access to the finest of Hoichoi’s products. This pack’s data capacity is only dedicated to streaming Hoichoi’s premium content.

How do I turn on Hoichoi for my television?

  • Browse for Hoichoi at the Playstore.
  • Install the Hoichoi App.
  • Select “My hoichoi” from the App’s menu.
  • To activate the device, click the “hoichoi tv login” link underneath the “email” and “password” text boxes on the following screen.
  • Log in to www.hoichoi.tv using the same credentials you used on your mobile or laptop device.

Is Hoichoi TV free?

It’s possible to view some movies and episodes of originals for no charge on Hoichoi? Is it possible to utilize the Hoichoi bundle to access standard Internet service?

Only Hoichoi’s premium content can be streamed using the Hoichoi bundle’s data capacity.

How do I use Hoichoi to watch premium content?

You may get access to Hoichoi’s premium features by purchasing a special Hoichoi pack through MyGP, Grameenphone’s website, or USSD. This page next page if you go through contains further information. 

Difference of paid content and free entertainment content?

In order to access free material, you must have a working Wi-Fi connection or mobile data. MyGP, Grameenphone’s website, or USSD must be used to purchase Hoichoi Pack to access Premium Content. Following that, you’ll be able to see the video.


I am facing problems with Hoichoi.tv/activate steps, how to resolve it?

If you are using most of our compatible TV apps and receive the error message “We are having problems connecting to hoichoi, please try again” when playing a video, please delete the program from your TV device and reinstall it.

How do I use Hoichoi to watch premium content?

To access Hoichoi’s premium features, purchase a dedicated Hoichoi package via MyGP, Grameenphone’s website, or USSD.

I’m having technical difficulties with Hoichoi’s application. Who should I contact?

Assume you are experiencing technical difficulties with Hoichoi. In such a situation, you may contact Hoichoi’s customer care staff through their website or by email at support@Hoichoi.tv.

How do IOS users (iPad. iPhone, and so on) access the packs?

After purchase, iOS apple users would want to buy these plan- packs through MyGP or the available GP website, or they may try USSD. Users with IOS Apple devices will be able to access Hoichoi’s premium content.

Can I watch Hoichoi Premium Content on my smart TV or other TV applications that support the packs?

These packages are available for purchase through MyGP, the GP website, or over USSD. After purchasing Hoichoi premium content, users may access it on their smart TV or through the TV app of their choosing.

Details-What is the price of Hoichoi?

Consumers may log onto two devices at the same time for Rs. 499 per year, but they can only stream on one of them at a time. In exchange for Rs. 699 per year, you may log onto three devices at the same time and stream content to any of them. Approximately how many new episodes of shows are released on hoichoi per month?

Is Hoichoi free whether you have an Airtel correlation?

It is the company’s debut endeavor, having been created in 2017. hoichoi is the most popular Bengali entertainment app for Bengalis. Since its inception, the audio streaming option has been extended, with over 1000 Bengali songs available for free.

May you tell me how I can receive a free subscription to Hoichoi?

Customers of Vodafone and Idea are eligible for a free Hoichoi subscription.

Users of Vodafone and Idea SIM cards will be able to view original films and television programmes produced by HoiChoi for free. Members of the Idea and Vodafone Vi Movie and TV apps get access to digital video content such as live television originals, originals, and much more through their smartphones.

How do I get Hoichoi for free?

  • For Windows 10: Hoichoi Video Downloader The download link for Hoichoi Downloader may be found at the bottom of this post.
  • Install the Hoichoi Setup 1.0 program.
  • Start the Hoichoi TV.
  • Find and download the web series or movie you’d want to watch.
  • Once you’ve obtained the file, you may either download it or view it.


Official Link: http://www.hoichoi.tv/activate

There are various advantages to this variety, and one of them is entertainment. Because of the range of languages, we may enjoy the finest films, series, programs, or online series in several languages, not only Hindi and English.

Hoichoi.tv/activate is the most important Bengali performing stage. Hoichoi TV is doing a fantastic job of bringing viewers terrific films and tales from all around the world, including Bengal. Subscribe to Hoichoi TV for the best Bengali entertainment. Hoichoi TV Premium Accounts, I believe, allow you to stream movies and TV shows for free.

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