Go.discovery.com/activate – Activate Discovery+ on Smart TV with Discovery.com/activate [2023]



 You will need to use – Go.discovery.com/activate link to do Discovery Activate. The www.discovery.com/activate. The go discovery com activate is the official website that helps you complete the activation process and lets you use the services on your devices. The https go discovery com activate website is simple to access with the use of its URL and with it you can watch all the great content offered by Disney.  

go discovery com activate

Anyone would face the trouble while opening the go.discovery.com/activate, then we intend to guide you perfectly through our article. All your queries will be answered by us so carefully complete our article. You will learn more about the steps and information in this article.

Go Discovery Com Activate

  • Using your computer, go to Navigate to a web browser of your preference.
  • Go to the search box and enter go.discovery.com/activate or go.discovery.com/link.
  • There will be a popup with the text “input the activation code.”
  • Click the “Activate” tab after entering the code.
  • Wait for the channel to activate for a minute or two.
  • You will now get the Discovery.
  • Add a channel to your list.
  • The Discovery channel was finally turned on.

Please follow all the above steps by carefully referring to our article. Once you open the website go.discovery.com/activate it will become clearer for you to execute every step.

How to Activate Discovery using Go.Discovery.com/Activate

  • First, on the device device, start and launch the Discovery app.
  • On your device’s screen, you are going to see the activation code.
  • Use your laptop or a computer using the latest operating system, click on the – [go.com/activate] to get started.
  • Enter a discovery.com/activate Activation Code if you have one.
  • Select a TV Service Provider.
  • To begin watching the content, follow the on-screen prompts.

Please follow all the steps of discovery.com/activate and do not skip any key steps.

How to Activate Discovery using Discovery.com/Link

  • Start your device’s Discovery app.
  • The activation code may be found on the TV’s screen.
  • In your browser’s URL section in your PC, put this link: discovery.com/link.
  • Enter your code here.
  • Select a television service.
  • Then press the Activate button.

All the steps of discovery activated on PC using discovery.com/link are important and you are supposed to follow them.

How to Activate Discovery on your Smart TV

how to activate discovery on your smart tv

Refer to the steps for activation on www.discovery.com/activate website. Please do not skip any go.discovery/activate steps.

  • On your television, the hunt sign will be top corner at the rights side of the screen, please click it.
  • Currently, simply search for Discovery Plus and the application should display in your search results.
  • You should be sent to the application posting page for Discovery Plus once you’ve selected it from the drop-down menu. You have the choice to ‘Introduce’
  • Now, you will be requested to establish a Samsung account if you do not already have one on your TV.
  • Otherwise, if the record is already set up, the program should begin downloading.
  • Select “Add to Home” at the end of the interaction to save Discovery Plus for future use.
  • Simply pick ‘Open’ to launch the Discovery Plus application.
  • All of Discovery Plus’ programming is now available on your Samsung TV if you sign up or login in.


Hope you have learned key information about the steps activation using the official website go.discovery.com/activate. You can use both the links go.discovery.com/activate or go.discovery.com/link for doing activation and linking your device. In any case if you are facing troubles over the activation, please try to stay calm and start the process all over again after some time. You may face trouble during the go.discovery.com/link as well, so you have to resolve it by waiting for time and executing the steps one after another.


How long does the go discovery com activate steps take?

The steps take about the shortest time that is less than 5 minutes to successfully activate the Discovery on your device.

Facing troubles on the www.discovery.com/activate. Need help?

If you are facing the troubles for the first time, you need to check your connection i.e. your internet connection or wait for the update.

What are the go.discovery.com/activate or go.discovery.com/link URL Links?

The go.discovery.com/link is for the Link TV provider link and the go.discovery.com/activate is the official link for the activation.

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