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Welcome to our new article related to foxnew connect. We will share the procedure of how you can use foxnews connect and keep yourself updated with the latest news around the globe, at any place at any time. We will further guide you which devices are compatible enough to connect with foxnews com connect.

Thus read the complete article, to know more about www foxnews connect. We will first see the stepwise procedure of how to download the Foxnews com connect on your smartphone device. 

How to Download Foxnews com connect on Smartphone

Kindly follow the below listed steps to download and use the Foxnew connect on your smartphone. 

  1. Download and Install this app using your smart-device or phone directly from the GooglePlay Store or the AppStore.
  2. You will receive foxnews com connect code on mobile screen.
  3. Using the Web browser from the other device ( like mobile or a PC) visit the website 
  4. Enter the Foxnews com connect code, which you received on your phone. 
  5. Select your TV cable service provider from the selection. 
  6. Then Choose the “Connect” button 
  7. Once you get the connected message, you are eligible to watch Fox news on your mobile device. 

Where to Enter Fox News Registration Code?

Execute these steps for inserting registration code.

Visit the official website on any of your devices such as mac notebook, tablet, computer or a PC. The Code will be displayed on the connected device, copy that code and enter the same in the device you want to connect to. 

fox news registration code

You will need the sign in details for using fox news registration Code on your device.

List of Compatible Devices with Fox News

Please find the list of the devices that can be used to watch fox news:

  1. Roku
  2. Xbox / Xbox One
  3. Fire TV
  4. Android TV
  5. Android or any other smartphone
  6. Chromecast
  7. Samsung Smart TV
  8. iOS

We will see one example of using fox news on roku device

How to Connect Fox News with Roku Device

activate fox news on roku device

Please read the instructions below to receive a quick overview of how to use the Roku device on different other devices.

  • Turn on your Roku device.
  • Search the Fox News app on Roku store
  • You can use the filter News streaming channels to shorten your search results
  • When you find the Fox News Channel, click the insert channel option. 
  • Now, open the Fox news channel 
  • Open the fox news account 
  • Choose the sign up button and enter the username and password 
  • Once you enter the Login details, you can now watch the Fox news connect hassle-free.

How to Create New Fox News Account

If you do not have a Foxnews account already, you may create it by simply following the below steps: 

  • Open any updated browser and visit fox news com connect
  • Next, click on Sign in button

fox news account registration

  • Enter the details asked for creating your account, alternately, if you don’t mind, you may login with your Fb account too.
  • Once you have filled up all the details, hit the submit button
  • Your registration process is done
  • You can now easily access your Fox news account.

Advantages of Having Fox News Account at

  • Access to watch the world news at your fingertips
  • Can see the news as per your interest, such as Hollywood, share market, sports, trending, viral, etc. 
  • Receive notification of upcoming news.
  • Accessibility to watch the news of past dates 
  •  2 options available such as live news and archived on the one platform.


Thus, we have seen how beneficial foxnews connect is to those who cannot start their day without reading the newspaper.  We have seen the procedure to activate on a Roku device, advantages and sign up procedure if you do not have a foxnews com connect account. Please share your comments in the comment box about how you find this article, we shall be waiting to hear back from you.

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How Can I directly connect to the Fox news channel?

There are two methods; 1 write an email to fox news channel at Foxnationcustomercare@fox.xom or go to

Is it possible to watch Fox news without a Cable TV subscription?

With the help of devices like Roku, an online streaming device, you may watch fox news without the TV subscription. 

How much does one pays for the FoxNews Online?

Streaming Fox news can cost you between the range of $5.99/month to $64.99 depending upon the news you want to see and location.

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