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We all know what Amazon prime music is? It is the most demanding streaming platform providing a variety of songs, in many languages. Do you know with the help of you can listen to your favorite music at any time and at any location, you just need to visit www amazon com code. If you register yourself as a prime customer on, then you can listen to the music without the ads that keep disturbing you. To make yourself a prime music subscriber, visit –, create your account with the help of either email id or a mobile number. Then visit the www amazon com code and create a free account on Amazon Prime music. After typing in the activation code, you can use Amazon Prime Music, and enjoy the songs you like.

Where to Enter Amazon Registration Code on

enter amazon registration code

Let us explain to you the procedure of using the amazon’s activation code on

  • Visit the www amazon com code by typing in the address bar of your computer. 
  • Login into your account with the login id and password. 
  • With the help of Keyboard, type in your activation code, 
  • Submit the same by clicking on the submit button. 
  • After this process, enjoy Amazon Prime music.

How to Register My Amazon Device

register my amazon device

When amazon started, it was only selling books, but with the customer centric vision and mission, they decided that customers should get anything they want from one place and they grew drastically surpassing Walmart, and has become the world’s Largest online store. Amazon slowly expanded its business from books to digital media and consumer goods. Nowadays, Amazon has developed a wide variety of things such as Kindle, Kindle E book, Amazon TV, fire Tablet and many more, for making the life of the reader more easy. A live streaming media adaptor and many other attachable items have been developed. For using them, you must visit and register your amazon gadget. 

Register Your Amazon Device using

Here we have given an explanation of the absolute basic steps to register your Amazon devices. Here we will guide you about the verification of code.

If you have no such existing account of Amazon, please execute the listed steps as below for creating www amazon com code and activate it using the official link for activation –

  • Open your device’s web browser
  • In the address bar, type or go to code.
  • You are going to be taken / redirected to the official Amazon’s sign-up or account creation page. In the entry field, type the desired login as well as the Amazon code.
  • Continue onward with the Next button.
  • Now we request you to type the password information.
  • If you input the invalid password, a pop-up will appear saying the incorrect password and allowing you to enter again. If you may have forgotten your existing password and want to establish a new one for Amazon, then you can do it if you can’t remember it.
  • Use the Sign In option now.
  • You have to select – “get an amazon account, if you don’t have one, then enter your login details and unique”
  • The following box will appear on your device when you select get an amazon account option. Your email details and name must be to link your Amazon account.
  • Go to the Get an Amazon Account option and select it. 
  • Finish these steps for creation of your Account for Amazon.
  • After you log in to Amazon, the window “Register your gadget” will popup.
  • So, in the box that asks “Enter your device code,” you might consider typing your unique www amazon com code of your Amazon Account. Then, by putting your cursor on the option – “slot” and then selecting the option – “Continue”, go for the following steps.
  • Now, keep clicking and entering details as they appear on your screen, and then hit “complete” to complete your registration.
  • Users should bear in mind that the procedures described above may vary depending on the system/device.

Activate Amazon Prime Music Via Echo Dot Using Smartphone

activate amazon prime music via echo dot using smartphone

  • While accessing Amazon prime music, if you are facing any issue, please check if the echo dot is enabled. 
  • Please connect your AmazonEcho smart phone and keep it linked. You begin to use the reverberation dab application. So don’t do anything else until then.
  • Install the app first then go for Amazon’s official  Sign in to Echo Dot app
  • To use the Echo Dot App on your device, sign in to your Amazon account and navigate to the settings page.
  • You will have on your screen the option that says – Link New Service. It will have a “+” sign.
  • Press the “+” sign to do so.
  • Following that, a menu of alternatives will open.
  • From the available – deleted listing options, you must select Amazon Prime Music.
  • Now hit the Amazon Prime Music button to enable it.
  • The next screen will show you an activation www amazon com code.
  • Using any of your chosen web browsers, go to
  • Use the Sign In window now to access Amazon or pick an option of “establish a new account” so as to create a new password for yourself.
  • The “Register device” menu will appear on your screen once you’ve completed the login method.
  • Now the option Keep Echo Dot Prime Music Activation Code must be clicked.
  • Amazon Prime Music is now on the Echo Dot for you to enjoy.


The steps we showed in this article about www amazon com code are in their right sequence. So following these steps will ensure your success. If you have any problem with the, you can report them to the Amazon Customer Care services. But after the success, you can easily play music using your Amazon Prime Music to the service of Echo Dot.

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When did the Amazon Prime Music services begin?

Originally, the first Amazon Mp3 idea was launched in the UK back in 2009. This happened in another country also in France in 2009 on different platforms. While Amazon HD started in 2019.

How many characters are on the

The www amazon com code is a registration code containing five characters.

Where can I find the code page for coupons?

To add coupons, you must go to All savings-related information may be found here.

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